Spiritually Unsanitary: Why God Says Not to Touch the “Unclean Thing”

2 Corinthians 6:17 – Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and TOUCH NOT THE UNCLEAN THING; AND I WILL RECEIVE YOU.

What is it with God not wanting us to touch the unclean thing?

I am a teacher in an infant and toddler classroom. And because babies constantly put toys in their mouth, we are required to wash our toys daily. I have watched as one baby put an already dirty ball up to his mouth to lick it. His mouth was full of saliva, and he also had a nose full of mucus. This same baby is also known to have digged in his diaper after he has defecated. So he has unknowingly put fecal matter on toys before. So this same baby put the ball down and another baby immediately picked it up to put it in his/her mouth. GROSS! So of course I swatted the ball out of his/her mouth. The babies get offended when we do that, but it’s only because they have no clue as to why their teacher says, “NO!” and then snatches a toy from their hand.

Lamentations 4:15 – They CRIED unto them, DEPART YE; IT IS UNCLEAN; DEPART, DEPART, TOUCH NOT: when they fled away and wandered, they said among the heathen, They shall no more sojourn there.

This is how it goes with us and God. God will watch over His children and will inevitably see one of us reaching out to touch an UNCLEAN THING. In the natural, we fear our children touching a toy teeming with invisible but potentially harmful viruses and bacteria. But in the SUPERnatural, God’s concern is with His children not touching SPIRITUALLY unclean things. In the Old Testament, we often read of the Mosaic laws where God forbid His Israelite children from eating AND TOUCHING things God deemed as unclean. Well, now God also does not want us having any contact with unclean people, places, things, events, and thoughts.

Just as with that dirty ball covered in invisible contaminants, there are people, places, things, events, and thoughts covered with invisible, spiritual filth – unclean/demonic/satanic/evil spirits. Just like I get disgusted when I see one of my toddlers sucking on dirty rattle, God gets disgusted when He sees His Christian children touching filthy people, places, things, etc. It is disgusting to such a holy God! Stop grossing God out!

I talked with someone a few weeks ago about whether or not she thought marijuana usage was offensive to God. She told me, “Well, I think God views it as He does wine. He doesn’t mind us drinking wine as long as it’s in moderation. As long as we don’t get drunk. So I don’t think weed smoking bothers God.” (AS IF anyone ever smokes weed NOT to get high…) In the natural, she might have been right. It is simply from a cannabis plant. And didn’t God say that everything He made was good? But what about in the supernatural world? Do lives where people smoke or sell weed turn out blessed of God? Yeah, it seems to be just a harmless plant, but in the spiritual world, it leads to bondage. How many heroin/crack/meth addicts began their path with this “innocent, harmless” plant? But of course, just like my baby students, they don’t see it. They can’t see it. If babies can’t see the germs, it doesn’t bother them. And even if they could see the filth on the toys, they wouldn’t know it was harmful.

We humans are the same way. We reach our hands out for stuff that looks appealing to us. A ball looks fun to a toddler and a fine man looks good to a woman. But neither see the invisible contamination on them. I’m not even talking about STD’s, but about an even more serious infestation – unclean spirits. How many women have been shackled in years of spiritual bondage because they gave a spiritually infected man their phone number! You can touch the wrong person and your life will spiral out of control. For example, if you get involved in a gang, you are now influenced by spirits that encourage the victim with the spirit to lie, steal, fight, do drugs, sell drugs, and kill. There are indeed evil spirits that impact EVERY secular street gang. If only these members who end up in jail and hell had not touched the unclean thing.

One thing that’s very important to remember about contaminants is that they are MEANT to kill you. Their very purpose – their sole purpose actually – is to get through a break in the skin (via a scratch, cut, piercing, etc.) or a natural body opening (like the ear, mouth, nose, eyes, or private parts) and to ravage and bring down your immune system. Sometimes it happens very quickly as with the Ebola virus. But sometimes it happens very slowly and undetected as some people claim is what happens with HIV. Some spiritual bondage happens immediately like with meth addicts. But some spiritual bondage happens slow as with wrong romantic relationships. Either way, the bondage is meant to take you out. Viruses, bacteria, and parasites are not meant to befriend or boost your immune system. Their intent is to wipe your immune system out so that an opportunistic disease can take over and eventually kill you.

The same goes for demonic spirits. Please don’t delude yourself and think that evil spirits fight fair. They don’t like you and in fact they despise you. If you think a virus is merciless, wait until you encounter an evil spirit! But sadly, just as some people sleep around with a bunch of people unprotected, many of us go into our day without protection – the blood of Jesus, angels, and prayer. We hang around spiritually infected folk because they are fun, because we’ve known them for a long time and because we don’t want to be perceived as snobbish. But that’s like licking someone’s snot because you don’t want to be perceived as snobbish. Some stuff you just ought not to do common sense wise! Just because you can’t see the cold virus with the naked eye doesn’t mean it’s not in the snot. Just because you cannot see the satanic spirit on that man or woman, friend, or lover it does not mean it’s not there waiting to be transferred to you.

Genesis 3:3 – But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, NEITHER SHALL YE TOUCH IT, LEST YE DIE. God told Adam and Eve not to eat NOR EVEN TOUCH the forbidden fruit. He knew a touch would eventually lead to eating. Some of us think we can just call a cute, (spiritually) infected guy and never end up making out with him. And even more foolishly, we think we can make out with this same cute, “spiritually infected” guy and not be tempted to eventually have sex with him. And then we think if we do give in and have sex, that it’s “just harmless, ‘casual’ sex”. The devil is a lie. Whatever polluted that man’s soul has now gotten into your spiritual immune system and is getting ready to take you out if you don’t not intervene with prayer, repentance, confession, asking God for mercy, and then stop any further contact with that cute guy to prevent re-infection.

The only way not to get a virus from someone is to avoid that person until they get clean. I made the mistake of dating an atheist thinking that I could spiritually sanitize him. But instead, he ended up desecrating me! Duh, Mistye. Did I think my contact with him would make him whole while I made out with him? Foolishly, I did. And then I would leave him alone and get better with God. And then I’d miss him and get re-infected in my spirit man. I eventually left him alone and am well now. Praise God for that! But I was even considering marrying the guy. Thank God I did not. This guy had an unforgiving spirit, a cigarette addiction, and listened to foul rappers who are rumored to be Satan worshippers. So I should have known that more than the average atheist, he had yet more unclean spirits possessing him. And I risked having all those unclean spirits infect me. Selah. Again, let’s thank God He delivered me from that.

So when your pastor or a preacher tells you not to engage in certain activities, don’t look for why. You can’t see invisible spirits unless God gives you that gift. So stop looking and just listen. If I snatch a contaminated toy from one of my baby student’s mouths, they don’t need to ask why. They just need to trust me as their caretaker when I say, “No! That’s dirty. Don’t put that in your mouth.” Just trust God to know what is gross/infected/unsanitary/contaminated/polluted. If God says not to engage in homosexual sex, not to get drunk, not to go to bed angry, not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, not to fight back, not to steal, not to kill, not to commit adultery, etc. don’t ask why! Just know that you can trust God not to withhold any good thing from you just to make you mad. If God’s withholding it, it’s because it needs disinfecting!