You Can’t Be Delivered From Something You Secretly Condone…

The bible says "who the Son sets free is free indeed", so why do YOU choose to stay bound?

During my usual talk with God, the topic of demonic oppression came up. And I was just thinking to myself about why I kept thinking I was being delivered from stuff that seemed to reappear weeks, months, or years later. And I feel the Holy Spirit blessed me with the answer to it. Actually there were two reasons. A tweet I read months prior almost hit one reason right it on the nail. The tweet read: “You can’t be delivered from stuff you secretly condone.” I realized that you don’t typically live with people you disagree with. A Black Panther for example would never live with a Klansmen. A Satanic high priestess would never take up residence with a Holy Ghost-filled Christian pastor. So I had realized that I was secretly condoning whatever the unclean spirit I was “living” with was condoning.

The second reason I was not achieving long-term deliverance was because I was being “benefited” my being bound. Sounds strange, I know. You might ask yourself, “How does being demonically oppressed benefit anyone?” And the answer was, “In the same way heroin addiction and Munchausen by proxy benefits someone. I’m sure you’ve watched shows on addicts and asked yourself, “Now, why on earth would this man keep injecting this poison in his veins when it has tore his family apart, cost him his health, and caused him to lose his job?” Well for the addict, the answer is clear. They get a euphoric high that they would never be able to achieve through any other means on this side of heaven. And also, it helps them to temporarily forget painful memories and truths. If it wasn’t for those two reasons, most people would never be addicted to drugs and alcohol. If heroin had no high and no amnesiac effects, no one would use it.

So when it comes to harmful things that we do not let go of, we have to understand that we are in fact getting SOME benefit from it. There is not one behavior that people continue to do that does not benefit them in some way. So when you ask me why I hadn’t yet been delivered from my demons, it was because they were benefiting me.

I was in church with my notepad and I began to write down and think of the ways my demons kept me safe – or feeling safe rather. How can one think that ruthless, merciless, hateful demons are keeping them safe? How can spirits of unforgiveness, bitterness, hate, timidity, depression, rejection, grief, control, and pride provide me with any benefits? You’d be surprised.

While in that church service, I was thinking to myself how I had been shy most of my life. I would hide from people. I would avoid men. I would shy away from public view sometimes. Even when there was clearly no threat to me, I would keep this shy attitude/mindset. So in that church service, the word “safe” came to mind. I realized that by holding onto this spirit of fear and nervousness, I was able to be safe from people’s opinions and potential hurt. People who are extroverted have many more chances of being hurt and rejected than shy people. Outgoing people befriend people – some of which will turn down their offer. But shy people NEVER get rejection. Extroverts do things that draw attention to themselves – some of which is negative attention. Introverts don’t draw half as much attention – including that negative attention. Being shy kept me safe. Safety and security is definitely a benefit.

How about the spirits of unforgiveness, bitterness, and resentment? How do they provide one with benefits? How about they erect a huge, steel wall between you and persons that you perceive as dangerous? If you never forgive your rapist, or negligent father, or estranged husband, you don’t have to worry about them ever hurting you again. If you forgive your dead-beat dad, that means you lowered or removed the wall for him to potentially hurt you again. But if you keep the wall up high with bitterness, future hurt is totally removed from the equation. Protection from future hurt is safety and security.

I’ve also gotten benefits from the spirit of pain and infirmity. I’ve gotten pity and attention. I wanted attention from my mother, and holding on to my diseases certainly got me attention with her taking me to different doctor appointments and treating my ailments. And the pity! People feeling sorry for the poor girl who was diagnosed with junior rheumatoid arthritis from the tender age of 12! People also admired me for having the pain and stiffness and yet still praising God as if nothing was wrong. So I got three benefits from holding onto arthritis even when I had many anointed men and women of God pray for my healing. I would feel no pain for a while, but as soon as I subconsciously saw an opportunity to get pity, attention, and admiration, the symptoms would come back.

Back to the first reason I could not stay delivered, another reason the arthritis seemed to keep reappearing was because of negative agreements I was making with the Enemy. For example, I would open the door for pain, inflammation, swelling, and stiffness in my joints during stormy days, wintry weather, and when I drank and ate certain foods. It was like I would shut the door on arthritic pain on good warm days when I was fasting or eating healthy. I would make no allowance for it whatsoever. But as soon as I drank a Coca-Cola, I would literally brace myself for pain to arise in my joints. Now some of you might be saying, “Well, Mistye, if you have an allergy to something, that’s not the same thing as you opening the door to demonic pain.” But I feel that in my case it was. Maybe not for a 89 year old woman, but for a pre-teen through 20 year-old, it is very abnormal to have joint pain. I truly believe it was spiritual in nature.

With regards to the making negative agreements with wrong spirits, I was thinking to myself also that you cannot live with someone you disagree with. You can think of this way. Would you marry a man with whom he only agreed with the first half of the traditional marriage vows and you only agreed with the second half of the traditional marriage vows? If you all don’t agree on the same contract, you wouldn’t marry. If you agree to pay $700 a month in rent and your roommate wants to pay half of the rent but only agrees to pay no more than $50, you and her will not at all share a lease. The same applies to spiritual covenants and agreements with demons. If you are being tempted by a spirit of unforgiveness to hold a bitter, unforgiving resentment against your molester, if you agree with him that unforgiveness is a great idea, he will enter in or oppress you. But if you say to the spirit, “Yeah, I could never forgive that man, but the bible says if I hold a grudge against him God will not forgive me and I can’t go to heaven. Besides, unforgiveness will not at all change what happened. So I choose to forgive him,” then you already know it will flee. Resist the devil, and he will flee. Agree with him, and he will come in and live (and wreak havoc) in your life. If you agree that you can date an unbeliever when you are a Christian, then you will keep dating your unbelieving boyfriend. But if you agree with Apostle Paul who said, “Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers,” then you will dump him. You cannot live with someone you disagree with on certain issues. And the same goes for evil spirits. They go about like Satan going to and fro seeking who they can devour. I was a revival/conference some weeks ago where the prophetess said she heard something a man taught about how evil spirits come in. He used the acronym “H.A.L.T.” The “A” stood for “anger”. One thing evil spirits look for in people they can easily possess is anger. Anger can be tied to unforgiveness. That’s why the bible says not to let the sun go down on your wrath. In other words, don’t go to bed angry. You shouldn’t let that kind of fire rest in your soul. You don’t want to wake up angry and bitter. Demons will be drawn to you like magnets. They know that they can possess or oppress an angry man quicker and easier than an easy-going and forgiving man.

When they see you angry for a long time, they begin to plot and scheme against you. They begin devising strategies in how to bring you down. Like if an adulteress woman sees that you have marital problems, she will see you as an easy target and if she likes you enough, she will go for you eventually. If you show any interest in her, she will pounce. Spirits of unforgiveness work much the same way. They don’t have enough time to wait on forgiving folk to agree with them; they have plenty of unforgiving people who will quickly and easily agree with them therefore letting them in. A Klansmen will agree with spirit of hatred quicker than a philanthropist, so who do you think has a spirit of hatred? Every klansmen has this spirit until he disagrees with racism and discrimination. And then the spirit flees to another fool. Now I won’t say all spirits leave that easily. It’s not just about agreements, it’s also about authority in Jesus’ name. Spirits aren’t scared of mere mortals, but they hate and fear Jesus and acknowledge His authority. But in this note, I’m just focusing on not letting the spirit in in the first place – I’m not trying to tell you how to cast it out. But later I will share my testimony in how I was delivered from spirits. I won’t say for sure that I was possessed with all of them, but I was surely oppressed.

And some people have a spirit of immaturity. I say immaturity because I can’t find the right word for what I mean. But people with that type of spirit rarely accomplish things in life. They always need help. They always play the victim. Who would dare hold on to this spirit? How does being a failure at life benefit anyone? How about it gets people constant help, lets them continue being lazy, continue making excuses, and never have to grow up. I remember when I moved out of my mom’s house after I had graduated from college. And within me, I heard a small voice say, “But who’s going to take care of me?” And it was kind of creepy. This was about 2 years ago, so I was about 24 years old. And this random voice asked this. And I began to get teary-eyed. And I realized that for those two years or so that I was living with my mom and stepdad, they fed me and my mom would somewhat baby me if I got sick. And I loved the attention because I’m a middle child with a sister a year older than me and a sister a year younger than me. So I had to constantly compete for my mom’s attention. And so when I got out of college (both my sisters were still in college), I got all their attention. And it was as if the unclean spirit that was oppressing me tried to scare me out of branching out and living alone. I had had many roommates in college, but had never lived alone. And I was the first female in my immediate family who ever had. In addition to that spirit of passivity, I had realized something related to it. I never wanted to cook when I was in Memphis where my mom lives. I didn’t mind it so much in college in Knoxville, but in Memphis when living with my mom, I lost probably ALL desire to cook and learn how to cook. And I feel as if they Holy Spirit revealed to me that it was because I didn’t want to grow up. In my mind, as long as my mom was cooking for me, I was still a child. I was still being babied. And babies and children never cook. And so cooking for me represented adulthood which I did NOT want to do yet. Adults don’t get as much attention or pity as children. I remember telling my mother and stepfather how much weight I had lost from not cooking once I had moved out. And they would pity me and cook for me or buy me groceries. So those were my benefits of this unclean spirit.

I used to just feel sorry for people who were being afflicted by spirits, and of course I still do. But I said I used to JUST feel sorry. I thought they were just 100% innocent people walking around minding their own business when a spirit just JUMPED down their throat possessing them. But now I see that we are somewhat responsible for the spirits we get. Truth is, if it was up to Satan, wouldn’t parent have a spirit of hatred? Wouldn’t every child have a spirit of rebellion? Wouldn’t every banker have a spirit of greed? Wouldn’t every politician have a spirit of control? Absolutely. But unclean spirits can’t just get whoever they want. They have to get unsuspecting victims who are willing to agree with them. For example, most homosexuals agree that they were born gay. They all likely have the same spirits of perversion that tempted them to agree with them that they were born gay. If a spirit tempted you to engage in homosexual acts, you only have two options – agree or disagree. If you told the spirit “no”, then you aren’t a homosexual. If you AGREED with the spirit, then it enters into this negative agreement, this lie, and binds you AS LONG AS you agree with it that you are gay. But as soon as you disagree and stop obeying its voice, you will loose its hold. You do know that you don’t have to obey everything unclean spirits tell you to do. And when you let it in, it takes control. So whereas in the beginning, you ha a choice, once you let it in, you do not have control.

Your words – usually spoken aloud – are what draws evil spirits to you. Trauma, tiredness, hunger, anger, being out of fellowship with others, and agreeing with lies. Lies are basically ideas and concepts that God disagrees with. If God doesn’t agree with it, it is a lie. So if Satan finds out that you are agreeing with his lies (and they’re all his lies because He is the father – the originator – of all lies), he will come to you to tempt you. Be careful what you say! Be careful what you do! Be careful where you go! Be careful who you hang out with. The bible says to be careful. Be vigilant against your adversary the devil because he goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour. He’s looking around for an unwary, unsuspecting prey to agree with him. If you’ve ever watched shows on the Animal Planet channel where the camera man was observing the dynamic between a predator and his prey, this will help you understand more of how Satan works. If we are in a group of wary people, at least one of us will spot the lion and will run to safety. But if you are on the fringes of the group and not a very fast runner, you will be the prey that day. And lions are vicious and ravenous when it comes to eating. They show no mercy to their food. How much mercy do you show a cheeseburger on your plate? You devour it as ruthlessly as a lion devours a deer. Satan’s no vegetarian! So like a lion, he has his eyes on the weak, slow-running deer that can’t keep up with the others. Make sure you are strong in God. Make sure you are prepared for escape. The bible says there is no temptation so great that God has not provided an escape from it. But if you are so clueless, you will not see the exit sign and will fall right in the trap.

And another extended metaphor that will help drive this point home is this. The Christian walk is a battlefield. We’re in it to win it. This is not a game. We’re soldiers on the battlefield, and we’re fighting for the Lord. Satan is not playing with you and neither are his minions. They’re serious about their jobs and positions. Their job is to destroy you. You are on the other side and you are their enemy because your commander is their enemy. They hate God and so they hate you. Now imagine being a soldier who’s taking a nap IN THE MIDDLE OF COMBAT! A soldier texting on his phone with his “boo-junt” on the enemy’s side. Another soldier is cleaning his gun while the enemy is aiming at him. You have to come armed and prepared and focused. The spirit of anger is not texting. The spirit of perversion is never resting. The spirit of rebellion is not rolling his eyes at his commander. The spirit of infirmity is not arguing with the spirit of death. They work together because a kingdom divided itself cannot stand.

And because we are not focused on fighting or winning this battle, we keep letting the enemy in our camp. We even sometimes let them give us our marching orders. Our commander-in-chief tells us to shoot this enemy down in our lives, and we second guess it. And we second guess our deliverance because of the benefits we get from NOT shooting it down. God says, “By Jesus’ stripes, be healed from arthritis,” and I receive the healing by faith. And the symptoms all go away. No more pain, swelling, inflammation, and stiffness in my joints. But then I begin thinking to myself, “Man, before I got healed, I got to skip work. My unemployment check was more than my paychecks! My husband’s not babying me anymore by helping me down the stairs in the morning. My mom doesn’t check up on me nearly as much to see how I’m doing. And I had the best excuses for not going exercising with my best friend. Man, sometimes I think I was better off with that disease.” And next thing you know, the spirit of pain is back with all its “benefits”.

You can’t be delivered from something you secretly condone…