Church Hurts: Chapter 7 – “Prophetess”

edited chapter seven!

writeous rhema

Chapter 7 – The Prophetess

Judd and Pastor Sal walked out of the door of the banquet room where the church growth seminar had been held. In the hallway, they greeted and shook hands with many of their pastor buddies from the various churches and denominations that had been invited. Sal was somewhat relieved to know that it wasn’t just Deliverance Church that had been needing professional help with membership and finances. For a pastor, the two went hand in hand. When your membership was low, so was your money. When your membership was high, bills got paid. As Sal and Judd greeted their last pastor friend, they went down the concrete steps to head home. They had received a lot of helpful information that needed to be put into practice. And soon.

As Sal jogs over to say hello to one more pastor, Judd keeps heading towards the car…

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