Church Hurts: Chapter 5 – “In the Studio”

edited chapter 5!

writeous rhema

Chapter 5 – In the Studio

Nick’s expensive loafers pat down the dark corridor filled with the vibrations caused by musicians in the studio. He’s excited about laying down a track with his good friend Pete (better known by his stage name “Neophyte”). He always enjoyed Pete. They had such a close history with one another that they knew that despite their lifestyle differences, they would forever be linked. Both had the misfortune of being sent to juvenile detention in their mid-teens. Pete had been raised by the streets because of a drug-addicted mother and a dead beat father who both left him to be raised by his great grandmother. He was driven to the streets by his search for identify for a male father figure. And he found that in the form of a gang known as the Red Road Posse. After doing those things that gangsters do for…

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