Church Hurts: Chapter 1 – “When Sunday Comes”


writeous rhema

Chapter 1 – When Sunday Comes

11:15 am. Sunday

Church was the last place she wanted to be. After the weekend she had, she just wanted to roll over in her warm bed and sleep the day away. But custom won over comfort. Sloppy rain patters on the windshield of her candy red 1999 Volvo C70 as she pulls up onto the nearly packed, gravel parking lot. She is quickly approached by two men in bright orange vests carrying wide black umbrellas directing her towards the rear in an adjacent field. She is so glad she wore her flats. It had been a rainy weekend, and the soil would be a puddled mess for her had she worn her pumps. Although, she’d rather be in bed, she hated coming to church late. It would likely mean she’d have to sit in the back pews stretching her neck to see the…

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One thought on “Church Hurts: Chapter 1 – “When Sunday Comes”

  1. I will be publishing a novel this week on Kindle, 105,000 words, a Science fiction Christian novel called The Drawing. There is a christian metaphor throughout the entire book about the drawing to the cross.

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