Church Hurts: Chapter 7 – “Prophetess”

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Chapter 7 – The Prophetess

Judd and Pastor Sal walked out of the door of the banquet room where the church growth seminar had been held. In the hallway, they greeted and shook hands with many of their pastor buddies from the various churches and denominations that had been invited. Sal was somewhat relieved to know that it wasn’t just Deliverance Church that had been needing professional help with membership and finances. For a pastor, the two went hand in hand. When your membership was low, so was your money. When your membership was high, bills got paid. As Sal and Judd greeted their last pastor friend, they went down the concrete steps to head home. They had received a lot of helpful information that needed to be put into practice. And soon.

As Sal jogs over to say hello to one more pastor, Judd keeps heading towards the car…

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Church Hurts: Chapter 6 – “Birthday Girl”

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Chapter 6 – Birthday Girl

Terita pressed 7 on her cellphone to buzz in her guests at the gate. She had invited about 30 people to her birthday get-together and about fifteen were here so far. And of course, some of those guests took the liberty to invite a few other friends so she expected many more people. She was glad she had asked the caterer to bring extra food. Every time she pressed 7, she waited anxiously for Dave to knock at the door. But still no sight of him. He had replied to her text late Saturday night saying that he would try to attend. But she needed him to be here. She had long-term plans for him. And they began tonight.

She looked back at her bedroom mirror to reapply her hot pink lipstick. She looked flawless. Her dark-almond shaped eyes sparkled as she batted her thick…

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Church Hurts: Chapter 5 – “In the Studio”

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Chapter 5 – In the Studio

Nick’s expensive loafers pat down the dark corridor filled with the vibrations caused by musicians in the studio. He’s excited about laying down a track with his good friend Pete (better known by his stage name “Neophyte”). He always enjoyed Pete. They had such a close history with one another that they knew that despite their lifestyle differences, they would forever be linked. Both had the misfortune of being sent to juvenile detention in their mid-teens. Pete had been raised by the streets because of a drug-addicted mother and a dead beat father who both left him to be raised by his great grandmother. He was driven to the streets by his search for identify for a male father figure. And he found that in the form of a gang known as the Red Road Posse. After doing those things that gangsters do for…

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Church Hurts: Chapter 4 – “Choir Director”

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Chapter 4 – Choir Director

The door clicks behind them.

The choir director quickly locks the door. “Hey, Mr. Judd. You had me down there playing that piano for forever!” “Sorry. I had to handle something. You know that Terita girl came by here again asking for more money,” Judd said with disgust. “I thought you said you were going to handle that one,” Nick said. “Now, Nick, you know it’s not that easy. She knows too much. She could blow our whole cover. It’s imperative that we keep our business between us, her, and God.”

By business, he was referring to their undercover relationship. It had been going on for the past three years. Judd had accidentally sent a text meant for Nick to Terita. And ever since then, she would stop by his office to ask for favors, only they knew the favors were not optional. If he…

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Church Hurts: Chapter 3 – “New Membership Orientation”

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Chapter 3 – Church Orientation

Sarah is jolted from her heavy sleep with the jarring blasts from her alarm clock. The glowing red 11:10 am makes her roll her eyes. She extends her right arm to slam her palm on the snooze button as her face collapses back onto her pillow. Ten minutes later, with eyes still closed, her fingers crawl over the nightstand to search for the snooze button again. She repeats the process again ten minutes later.

Sarah looks up at the alarm clock and turns it off this time. Those extra 30 minutes gave her just what she needed to peel herself off of her cushy bed onto her feet. She reaches for her glasses and slips her feet into her slippers.

She rubs her twists as she trudges to the bathroom and looks in the mirror. Her hair was flat on one side as usual after…

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Church Hurts: Chapter 2 – “Gospel Concert”

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Chapter 2 – Gospel Concert

The rain stops just as Sarah is leaving the drugstore parking lot to head home. Sarah pulls into the narrow driveway of her duplex. She sees her roommate’s black Camaro parked askew which forces her to squeeze her way in with the left side of the car skimming the grass. She slams her door and tip toes gingerly in the muddy grass as there was no room to walk on the gravel. “I’mma get Denise for this,” she mutters under her breath while shaking her head.

“Honey, I’m home!” she playfully exclaims to Denise. Denise is just getting out of the shower wearing her robe with a towel wrapped around her hair and piled high like a turban. She has a toothbrush wedged in her mouth as she flashes Sarah a frothy smile.

“Eww, Denise! Nasty put some clothes on! And don’t be showing me…

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Church Hurts: Chapter 1 – “When Sunday Comes”


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Chapter 1 – When Sunday Comes

11:15 am. Sunday

Church was the last place she wanted to be. After the weekend she had, she just wanted to roll over in her warm bed and sleep the day away. But custom won over comfort. Sloppy rain patters on the windshield of her candy red 1999 Volvo C70 as she pulls up onto the nearly packed, gravel parking lot. She is quickly approached by two men in bright orange vests carrying wide black umbrellas directing her towards the rear in an adjacent field. She is so glad she wore her flats. It had been a rainy weekend, and the soil would be a puddled mess for her had she worn her pumps. Although, she’d rather be in bed, she hated coming to church late. It would likely mean she’d have to sit in the back pews stretching her neck to see the…

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