Unresolved Issues: Magnets Attracting What’s Wrong and Repelling What’s Right


Ever wonder why you’re attracted to certain people and why certain people tend to be attracted to you? Also, have you ever wondered why some people are “repulsive” to you and why you also seem to be repelled by certain people? This doesn’t just have to apply to romantic partners, but it can also apply to friendships and even church membership. Have you ever stopped to think how you became drawn to or turned off to one person or group? While having one of my usual, unusual talks with God, the topic of MAGNETISM came up as an analogy to understand relationships. And this is what I discovered.

How we get into different types of relationships is kind of like how a refrigerator magnet is drawn to a refrigerator. The ONLY thing that draws them together is the Law of Magnetism. And what draws you to one individual over another individual can be considered a different kind of magnetism. I did a little research about how magnets are made. So as not to bore you with all the details, here is a very brief summary.

Magnets are made of a group of metals known as ferromagnetic metals. These are metals such as nickel, iron, cobalt, and gadolinium. Material contains several small magnetic fields known as “domains”. Most of these domains are independent of each other and so they face different directions. But when a strong magnetic field is nearby, it can be strong enough to cause all those domains to turn and face in the same direction so that they can align and make a larger, stronger magnetic field. All magnets are attracted to Iron and Nickel. There are temporary (soft) magnets and permanent (hard) magnets. Temporary magnets lose their magnetism over time as the domains revert to their original (individual) position. But permanent magnets continue to face the same direction permanently. The way to make a magnet is to have a ferromagnetic metal heated to or beyond their Curie temperature. To make it temporary, heat it (exactly) to its Curie temperature. Magnets do not only attract other things. They repel things as well. All magnets have a South and a North pole. If you try to connect the two North poles together or try to connect the two South poles together, they will repel/reject connection with one another. But if you try to connect the South pole with the other magnet’s North pole, they will connect/attract one another.


When you think of your refrigerator magnets, you know that they will always be attracted to your refrigerator. So there must be something IN magnets and something IN refrigerator doors that draw them to each other. We can relate that to people as well. It reminds me of women who keep attracting abusive men/who are constantly attracted to abusive men. Even if these women do not know that these men are abusive, they still attract them for some reason.

When I consider my exes, I find it interesting how I was drawn to all of them because none of my two exes are very similar. And so since I was attracted to each of them, even though they are all so different, it shows me that I was changing as a person. It showed me that I was not the same type of person at the time I dated each of them. That leads me to the conclusion that WHO you are drawn to at any particular time can give you insight into WHO you were at the time you began speaking to them. And it also shows you what kind of person they were when they liked you. For example, if you liked a drug addict from 2005-2007, it shows me that you were either a drug addict or codependent person at that time. And if you dated a man who knew you were cheating on him from 2007-2009, it shows me that you were dating a man with poor self-esteem for those years. We attract certain people based on what is going on in our personal lives at the time. And I believe it was Dr. Henry Cloud who said that we attract into our lives what we are ready for. And so for me at least, an accurate appraisal of who I was at the time I began dating a person shows me what some of my unresolved issues were at the time. I noticed that when I consider all of my exes since freshmen year of college, that as God healed me of childhood issues throughout the years until this day that each subsequent ex seemed to be emotionally healthier than the last ex to mirror my emotional health level! Who I was dating at the time was a reflection of me at the time!

There are some women who only attract sex addicts, controlling men, abusive men, closeted homosexuals, philanderers, lazy men, secret pedophiles etc. And while I am not accusing these women of being the reason they are mistreated in relationships, we have to admit that the common denominator in 100% of her past relationships is her. I’m not saying that something about that woman turns normal men into abusers/addicts/cheaters/etc. But I am saying that something about her draws men who are already abusers/addicts/cheaters/etc.


Some women may say, “Okay, well now that I am aware that my last 5 boyfriends have been abusive. I will dump the abuser I am with now, and I will begin to date loving men from here on out.” That sounds like a good plan, but according to what we know of magnets, that will be unlikely. Your refrigerator magnets can ONLY be attracted to the something that is common in all refrigerators. And some women have unresolved issues that keep them attracting the wrong partners. A great man can show interest in her and can ask her on a date, and that emotionally unhealthy woman will say, “He’s a nice guy, but I’m just not attracted to him. He’s too…NICE.” This woman’s unresolved issues REPEL what is good for her and ATTRACT what is wrong for her. Something about bad boys will make her swoon and something about good men will repulse her even though she knows and will admit that this should not be the case.

Magnets will ALWAYS be attracted to refrigerators. And just because a magnet has an epiphany one day that these refrigerators are not good for it, it does not mean the magnet can change itself or its attraction to refrigerators. Magnets can’t change themselves and neither can humans – without God’s help. Remember, there is something inherent in all magnets that draw them to refrigerators. There is something inherent in all women who are constantly drawn to unfaithful men. There is something inherent in all women who are constantly drawn to abusive men. There is something inherent in all women who are constantly drawn to men who have alcohol/drug addictions. And until these women find out what that unresolved issue of theirs is, they are helpless to change the problem and their attraction to problem men.

If you want to hinder what is drawing a magnet to something magnetic, you will first have to change the magnet. If you put liquid water on a dry sponge, the dry sponge WILL soak it up. That’s the only way things can go with wet water and dry sponges; it cannot be any other way. And magnets MUST be drawn to refrigerators. So you can know that you have a problem with attracting the wrong type of men and you can know you have a problem with being drawn to the wrong type of men, but YOU are helpless to change the situation. You can know the type of men you are supposed to be dating and marrying. You can know that you should not be repelling these good men just to accept bad men, but YOU are helpless to change the situation.


But God.

But God can change whatever is in you that is attracting the wrong person. A woman named Liberty Savard wrote a book called, “Breaking the Power”. And this book enlightened me about what Liberty calls “unhealed hurts, unresolved issues, and unmet needs”. She talked about how many of our recurrent, troublesome life issues can basically be resolved if we ask and allow God to heal our unhealed hurts, resolve our unresolved issues, and meet our unmet needs usually sprouting from childhood.

In other words, God can remove whatever we are composed of that’s keeping us attracted to and dating the wrong people and that’s keeping us single by having us to refuse/repel the right people so that we can love freely as we should in a healthy way in a marriage. In keeping with the magnet lingo, God can “heat us BEYOND our “Curie temperature” so that we will PERMANENTLY be able to love and be loved. But this will never be possible if God does not meet the unmet need, heal the unhealed hurt, and resolve the unresolved issue.


Remember that the unresolved issues that make you who you are also what ATTRACT the wrong people into your life in addition to you repelling the right people. So until God fixes that in you, you will always attract the wrong people. So while some of you may think that bumping into Mr. Right will fix all your issues, please know that UNTIL you allow God to fix some of your more serious intimacy, self-esteem issues, you will attract nothing BUT Mr. Wrong. Mr. Rights will only be attracted to Ms. Rights. And Ms. Wrongs will ONLY attract Mr. Wrongs not to mention they can only be attracted to Mr. Wrongs.

I can speak personally when I say that God will begin changing these “magnets” within you today if you surrender all and ask Him too. And don’t be discouraged if you don’t see changes right away. I’ve found God to work more behind the scenes than He does in front of the curtain. He begins working as soon as you ask Him to – if you’re not sabotaging by working against Him. While it has been a sometimes anxiety-provoking transformation that has taken a few years, this has been an amazing journey for me to be able to love freely and fearlessly. Please don’t let your unresolved issues let you miss out on something so worthwhile.


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  1. very very interesting , i never thought of it that way !

  2. Lissa says:

    I absolutely love this…I just had this epiphany on Saturday, and believe this was the clarity or broken down version of what I was trying to understand. Thank ya 😉

    1. well i love that God confirmed your epiphany through my post. my posts are kind of long but it’s a good thing when they give people clarity. God bless you and you’re welcome.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I completely disagree with paragraphs your version of Clouds magnet theory. The way you’ve described it is that we find ourselves in relationships with people who WE ARE, AT THAT TIME. I’m curious if you have conducted your own research on this? There are always exceptions to the rule! For example: a hypothetical (or perhaps factual) so this guy I dated for almost 3 years. Yes, there were red flags but if you don’t know what to look for, then you know not when you see it! That said, I later finally realized and accepted that although I never CHEATED STOLE LIED ENGAGED IN DRUG ABUSE, etc., certainly didn’t mean EVERBODY WAS LIKE THAT. I dated a strug out lying thief, cheating falling into the LYING category. Has it ever occurred to you that some people are THAT GOOD AT BEING CONS? That good at LYING? Stealing? In fact, he stole fom ME, FROM RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE EVEN, YET I HAD NO IDEA BECAUSE IT NEVER ENTERED MY MIND. Notwithstanding the fact that some people have an uncanny affinity for “stray dogs!” which after being blindsided 2 years in, I became very aware of the more significant infractions! YET I STILL TRIED TO HELP HIM, thats how God programmed me, helper not hurter! I was and am a very good person, a heart of gold. I had enough love (not lack of self esteem) but LOVE AND GENUINE CARE AND CONCERN that I went as far as pinching pennies to pay for the unemployed manipulators ass to go to a daily clinic and be medicated…ITS CALLED TREATMENT/rehab. He was treated, all right! For several weeks he EVEN FOOLED THE SPECIALISTS who found out only by an ironic twist of fate that he was STILL ABUSING DRUGS. I was done at that point! Although it was difficult to walk when he cried again for me knowing they were crocodile tears, made it very easy! Thats what a selfish manipulator will do. They stop at NOTHING TO GET WHAT THEY WANT. The doctors assured me he was clean, I believed them! They’re the experts, right? With more than sufficient cause, I filed a petition for A VICTIM PROTETIVE ORDER. He had zero regard for the law. My misfortune as he cornered me unexpectedly late one night in my apartment parking lot, armed and dangerous and the only time I ever saw THAT
    LOOK. His DRUG-enduced and enraged eyes gave him away. He meant harm and he inflicted harm! I lived, but not unscathed! 2 broken arms, held against my will, the rest is pretty graphic but he was so ignorant that his own video-tape told the story thus I never had to. But I still faced that pathetic creature in court! The following is just opinion, plz no need to hate, DONTRIP! Really, nothing personal. cool?very well! MY CONCLUSION: YOUR STORY, although there are interesting portions, is based on conjecture, hypothesis and I AM THE PROOF! I am nothing LIKE THAT CREATURE, I NEVER WAS, I WAS AND AM NOT A LIAR OR THIEF, AND I’VE NEVER INFLICTING HARM ON A PERSON OR ANIMAL. well, maybe a spider ya know. Tell me now… Do you see any slight similarity between THAT and me(from what youve read BASED ON giving you my word this is the truth, whole, and nothing but the TRUTH)? Indulge me plz– Id love to hear your thoughts. Truly. And your knowledge might be enlightening, even helpful. Four years later, i presume it WILL NEVER make any kind of sense, other than just resigning myself to the fact that, every single day, very bad things happen to honest and good people and the same vice-versa! He was the perfect sharp-shifter/conartist/Smooth-talker with a walk that matched the deceiving talk! If it weren’t for his own video, I’m sure he’d be a free man! Pretty thought-provoking, yes?

  4. Josephus-Joppa says:

    Reblogged this on Welcome to Joppa Road.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very True and a very interesting read thankyou…. God can heal wretchedness and turn a soul into something beautiful…. the way we respond or react to others is a reflection of our own character…. So if God and his word becomes primary in out lives we reflect a love this world could never deliver… and we have the inner peace that comes with that relationship 🙂

  6. Carlo Jordan says:

    Hello, i think that i saw you visited my blog thus i came to “return the favor”.I’m trying to find things to improve
    my web site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love the magnet analogy and the point you made about God healing you. If you stay wounded you will only attract wounded individual. “Know Thy Self” Heal Thy Self”

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