Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Am I the Biggest Hypocrite of All?

When we think of the word “reflection” we think of mentally pondering about our choices in the past. We think about how maybe we should have handled something differently or about how we did something appropriately. But have you thought of “reflection” in light of its physical dynamic?

When we think of reflection in the science sense, we think of a mirror. A mirror is a special type of glass that only reflects the image that is in front of it. It reflects EVERYTHING that we can see with the naked eye that stands before it meaning that if you are checking out your hair in the mirror, you will also get a clear image of the wall behind you as well. It is an instant live photo you get whenever you hold up a mirror.

Mirrors are very HONEST. They will only reflect the truth to you unless of course you have mental issues such as BDD (body dysmorphic disorder), schizophrenia, and anorexia. These three types of people see things in a mirror that are not truly there. A 6’1″ 90 lbs. woman may see mounds of fat on her body. A stunningly beautiful woman with BDD may see a grotesque face staring back at her. A schizophrenic person may see hallucinations of a monkey hanging over his shoulder grinning at him in the mirror. But apart from these types of mental issues, most people will see a TRUE, ACCURATE portrayal of what they look like. If you say that you have green eyes, a mirror will let you know if that’s the truth. If you say you have curly, blond hair, a mirror will let you know if that’s the truth.

The bible works much the same way. If we say that we are Christians (that we are like Christ), then when we read the words in the bible, we will see striking resemblances in the way WE handle challenging situations today and in how Jesus handled challenging situations about 2,000 years ago. We will see similarities in how WE treat our enemies today and in how Jesus treated His enemies long ago.

Another thing that is similar between a mirror and the Holy Bible is that neither are biased. They simply reflect TRUTH. And they both never change their mind. You don’t have to like that you have freckles for it to be TRUE that your face is covered in them. You don’t have to like that the bible says adultery/murder/homosexuality is a sin before God for it to be true that you as a philanderer/serial killer/homosexual are in rebellion against God. It is what it is. You can scream at a mirror all you want. You can bash the bible all you want, but as the mirror in “Snow White” did, the mirror and the bible will still tell you truth no matter how aggravating that truth might be to you. And if you dare try to break a mirror, does it change its mind then? No. All it does is result in a thousand more mirror fragments reflecting to you the same thing. That in order to feel peace within yourself, you must govern yourself accordingly to the image you see staring back at you.


2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Am I the Biggest Hypocrite of All?

  1. Great post! This is all so Very true, loved it!

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