Satan would love for the world and these deluded people to think that these people represent Christ


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  1. Christian Zionists are doing the same in Palestine and other regions of the world including the US. They do not understand the bible at all, they followed the Scofields’ blasphemous teachings and never heard the words of Jesus Christ because their LORD is Lucifer, many are Baptists and Masons, Noahide Laws are of ancient TALMUDIC MASONIC-SATANISM. Thanks to the Claimed-to-be-Christian [Zionists], Mormons who claim they are not gentiles,Mason’s who talk about God but their God is Lucifer as it is the Jesuits and Rothchild’s- and all their minions, demons, clones and other evil things of WAR AND HATE 1991 Bush Senior and the most hateful vile of all Zionists the Hasadaic Lubavitch leaders signed in the NOAHIDE LAWS under “EDUCATION DAY” public law 102-14 which is only for gentiles/goy.these are now set under the SANHEDRIN COURT OF ISRAEL and INTERNATIONAL LAW-which our US and CANADA have under “MAXIMUS” in Virginia, overlords oof all insurance to the Vatican Noahide is not in the bible nor Constitutional. But here we have ultimate racism, and hate of gentiles and goy……which these laws come with punishments of no trial and execution by beheadings. YES……….BEHEADINGS ARE THE TALMUDIC [ not Muslim ] ritual for maximus FEAR and TERROR to the one being executed as well as all who witness it. It is spiritually, ” THE REMOVAL OF THE HEAD [ JESUS CHRIST ] FROM THE BODY [ real people of Christ ].
    Our Congress voted this with only 4 people in Secret and it remains today as US LAW. The FEARMONGERING OF WWIII, is coming from these same people, NOT MUSLIMS………SORO’S and his other NON JEW ZIONISTS put in 33 billion too run chaos campaigns all around the world to create fear,, and violence. The people in your photo are small potatoes of an ignorant narrow minded cult like church no different then these Christian Zionists, like TED CRUZ, LA HAYES, PARSHALL’S, DE VOS, FRC, CNP, FOF, FAWELL, HAGEE [ WHO IS SIMPLY DEMON POSSESSED AND INSANE]………AND SO MANY MORE WHO SO HATE THE WORLD. Jesus, was one of the first victims of GANG STALKING, OF A NIGHT PERSECUTION BY THESE SAME SANHEDRIN, TALMUDIC SATANISTS, WHO MURDERED HIM AND HIS FOLLOWERS. SPREAD THE WORD and remember the thousands of infiltrators in the CHURCHES Like Victoria and Joel Olsteen and so many other mega rich demon possessed pastors, and other UN-New Age movements all arund the world aside from overt SATANISTS….pray for the souls of the ignorant that they wake up before it is too late ….

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