Eve & the Forbidden Fruit: And You Say A Little Compromise Never Hurt Anyone?

The whole world descended into rebellion and death all because one person COMPROMISED

I was watching a Dr. Charles Stanley program the other day, and it was really eye-opening for me. He was speaking of Compromising Christians. Do you compromise for a friend or family member? Are you trying to please men or God? I’d rather have the favor of God than the favor of some weak men and women who live for the devil!

Here are some ways that he mentioned how Christians can compromise. One will not go to hell over doing of these things, but they do not please God.

Purchasing lottery tickets
Drinking something other than wine in moderation
Listening to dirty jokes

I do not believe that a Christian who engages in these activities will “lose his salvation” so to speak, but I do believe that they are on their way towards serious risk if they do it and are not careful and rethink what they are doing. If you spend all your money on lottery tickets, you are probably idolizing money more than you are worshipping God. I hear of many people who win at lotteries and in casinos that become so greedy! They engage in drugs and arrogance, and their lives are usually a mess by the end of it. They call it “The Curse of the Lottery”. The bible says that it’s easier for a camel to enter into the eye of a needle than for a man who puts his trust in his riches.

For those of you who drink beverages other than wine, you will not lose your place in heaven. But if you continue, the devil will tempt you to do more and more of that drinking. When you drink, you lose your good sense of judgment. I have plenty of friends who engaged in fornication as a result of a night of alcohol and marijuana. They woke up with plenty of regret and sin. One of my close friends almost died of alcohol poisoning. They felt so guilty that they would sometimes neglect going to church (sometimes a few hours later) because they didn’t feel like being condemned. That’s just what the devil wants you to do. You can repent in your own bedroom, but you’ll be more convicted to repent in the church.

Dr. Stanley mentioned that if you are at work, and people start sharing off-color jokes, you should just walk off. If they ask, “Where you going,” you should say, “I’m not into that kind of stuff.” If they say, “Oh, you’re one of those church people. You think you’re better than us,” you can say, “I don’t think I’m better than you, I’m just not into that kind of stuff; I’m into JESUS.” Unless those co-workers are atheists or Satanists, they’re going to shut up! I worked at a restaurant back in Knoxville with about 5 atheistic managers. We were all close (I was trying to proselytize them), so they would jokingly say things around me to test me. One manager would say, “Hey, Mistye. How’s Jesus nowadays?” And I would say, “He’s the same yesterday, and today, and forevermore!” TOUCHE! After a while, I would say, “I’m not supposed to be throwing what is sacred to dogs and casting my pearls before swine.” You may say, “Weren’t you afraid of getting fired?!” I know that God’s wrath can do a lot more than a manager’s wrath!

My stepfather is also an unbeliever. He says he believes in God, but not Jesus or the devil. That means he believes in neither God or Jesus because you can’t get to my God without first going through His son. He would try to test my knowledge and question why I believed in what I believed. But you have to study to show yourself approved! I have won every discussion I’ve gotten in with an unbeliever. They end up trying to change the subject or walkaway.The truth is able to divide lies like a double-edged sword. I could care less about what stepdad says! I love him, he pays for my gas, and he has been kind to my mother, but his opinions are unimportant when it comes to ANYTHING regarding morals. He says that as long as I’m not killing people, I should be able to watch whatever I want on television because life is too short. I said, “Not whatever I want. That’s something the devil tells you.”

I used to think it was okay to do heavy petting. It is not! We think purity means not having sex. Hogwash! Purity means keeping your body pure for God and for your husband/wife. I’ve heard of Christians who did not so much as KISS their fiancees before the wedding day AT the altar! That’s purity. If you’ve erred, God can wash you over with the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. I’m not a physical virgin, but I am a mental virgin, and I’m not ashamed to say it because I believe THAT MUCH in the ability of Jesus’ blood to wash us white as snow! I’m wearing white on my wedding day! 🙂 The reason I disagree with making out and heavy petting is because it usually never stops at just making out. Very few sexual encounters happen without serious kissing first. I’m slowly going more towards no tongue kissing either because some people are not physically strong enough to just stop there, and you shouldn’t be testing your body.First, it starts out a tongue kiss, then touching, then inappropriate touching, and then sometimes it ends in regretful, God-hurting sex. It disappoints God, and it makes God sad when His creation disobeys Him. I know that most unmarried Americans my age and older are not virgins because everyone gets tempted. We are humans. But once we are aware, we ought to know the line of pleasing God and displeasing God, AND WE MUST NOT CROSS IT AGAIN!

I have come to think that if I will not do the act in front of God, Jesus, and my guardian angels (who are always with or inside of my heart), then I shouldn’t be doing it. Would you buy a lottery ticket if God was waiting in the car? Would you make out with your boyfriend or girlfriend if Jesus was sitting on the couch next to you? Would you order a beer at the bar, while your two guardian angels are floating above you in that smoky club? Well let me tell you this, God is omnipresent meaning He is everywhere at the same time. There is NOTHING that you can hide from God. Jesus dwells in your heart. Your guardian angels are with you wherever you go. The Holy Spirit is in you because your body is His temple! Don’t let them be in and around you in all that smoke!

I can pretty much guarantee you this, the people you are compromising for are not impressed with you. They think you are spiritually and mentally weak-minded. They say, “Alright, girl! Drink that vodka!” But in their heart, they are saying, “I knew that Jesus stuff was fake. All Christians are probably just as fake as she is.” If I wasn’t saved, I bet you wouldn’t be leading me anywhere with a blunt in your mouth! Do not cause possible or new Christians to err in the faith.

If the only reason you are compromising in some areas is to put off rejection from your family and friends, then you are not listening to the words of Jesus. He told us that we would suffer persecution for His name’s sake. If you are not being persecuted, then you are probably a Closet Christian. Get out of that closet and let people know you are a child of God! Let your light so shine before men that they may see your works and glorify your father which is in heaven. Sometimes, if you are so close to God, He will make even your enemies be at peace with you.

The people that you are trying to impress don’t care about you. I believe that more girls lose boyfriends because of having premarital sex than girls who gain boyfriends from having premarital sex. I have read many accounts and reports that say that males lose respect for females who put out. Few men will spend cash (for a ring) for a cow when that selfsame cow is giving out free milk twice a day! I wouldn’t pay for water bottles when there is a water fountain wherever I go! Think ladies! Of course a guy will say, “I love you” to get sex! They are thinking with the wrong head! What wouldn’t you say to a robber who has a gun to your head? Men will tell you anything when they are sexually aroused. They will say they love you, and some really lame, young guys will say, “If you love me, you’ll have sex with me.” If you love him, you will not dare put his soul at risk for eternal damnation for one night (or two minutes) of passion! That’s how I weed out the good guys from men who don’t have a relationship with God. The second a guy says, “Let’s have sex,” I IMMEDIATELY know that he has little to no respect for God, his own purity, or mine. If a man doesn’t respect his own purity, why would he give two cents for a thought about yours? If he and God don’t talk all the time, then he probably didn’t get the memo that fornication was not pleasing to God. It’s better to pluck out your eye and enter into heaven with one eye, than to enter into hell with both eyes! This is in the bible, guys! I’m not saying men should castrate themselves (all my guy readers just winced), but it’s just to show you the severity of sinning.

So basically I am saying that Christians should not compromise a bit! You are on top of a hill of righteousness, and the second you step over that apex, you are sliding down a dangerous slope towards hell. When you step over that boundary to compromise, there is no more upward ground and there is no level ground, it just goes downhill from there. Fortunately, many people will catch themselves because of God’s grace and will repent for backsliding, but, unfortunately, many will not catch themselves, and after a night of drinking and driving (which there is not commandment against in the bible), they will wake up in the horrid, unspeakable torturous depths of hell never to leave. Those who stay behind that safe line of uncompromising relationship with our God, will end up in heaven.

It is grace that saves us, but the law keeps us aware of the do’s and do not’s of life. Some people look at the bible as “The Book of No-Fun”, but it’s far from that! Ask the prostitute on the street how much fun she’s having because she didn’t have to read this book of no fun. After you ask her, ask the crackhead, the alcoholic, and the little girl who had sex with a boyfriend who left her and spread rumors about her to the school. Ask the guy with incurable herpes how much fun he’s having. Then ask dude who’s got life in prison how much freedom and fun he’s having? Ask the preacher who chose to forget the bible verses on adultery how much fun he’s having when his church finds out and leaves the church. There is NO FREEDOM OR FUN outside the bible. It may appear that way at first, but I assure you, it will catch up with you. God will take you back like the prodigal son because He loves you so much, but sometimes you don’t get the chance to repent. If you are strung out on drugs, you probably don’t have the mental capacity to think about church and repentance.

Compromise usually starts out with ignoring the leading of the Holy Spirit. The second He tells you, “don’t do it,” you must listen! It’ll sound like your conscience saying, “You know you should flip past that channel, you know you shouldn’t answer that booty call, you know you shouldn’t drink that drink.” It’ll tell you as soon as you entertain that wrong thought. I’ve ignored it plenty of times, so I know what it sounds like! It’s a small voice to me, but I hear it clearly. It has kept me from so many regrets when I choose to listen to it.

The devil just wants to engage you in a conversation. Before he has someone to buy and offer you a drink, he first has to get you to get your guard down with talk like, “Just a little won’t hurt. Jesus drank wine, so you can definitely drink a beer which is less alcoholic than wine. Grace saves you, remember? Not following the law. Where in the bible does it say that listening to gangsta rap is a sin? You can masturbate; if God won’t give you a wife or husband, then He will surely let you do this until then. She deserves to be cursed out after what she did to you. If you don’t jump in that fight for your friend or family member, then they’ll think you’re a punk.” We rarely do things impulsively. Most people who are not mentally disabled will have a mental conversation with themselves before buying things, before starting out on a to do list, and before engaging in compromising situations. Remember that is how Satan tricked Eve in the Garden of Eden. God gave Adam one law in the beginning, and he couldn’t follow that one! And it all started out with ignoring God’s leading and entertaining the thoughts of the devil. All he wants is a conversation. After all, a little conversation never hurt anybody…


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  1. Wonderful post, Mistye.

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