TIME: One of the Most Precious Concepts God Has Given Us

You give your time to what you treasure most

All We Have Is Time! Had an amazing talk with God about time. Time is the most important resource us humans have. During my talk with God, I learned why time is so important. Time is money Time is life Time is energy Time is irreversible (therefore valuable) Time is love

Time is money. We get paid per unit of time. $12/hour. $36,000 salary (per year). $100 per diem. Time is money. When you need more money, what is the first thing you do? You see how much time you have to work at a second job. If you work M-F, you start looking for a job with time/hours available on Saturday and Sunday. Because there are only 24 hours in a day and 162 hours in a week, you have no hope of working over that amount of time to get more money. Time limits the amount of money you can make.

Time is life. When you go to a funeral, a person’s life is measured in the amount of years they lived. “She lived on this earth for 20 years.” (And if an infant, they measure it in days, weeks, or months.) Your life is not measured according to how much good you’ve done or how many family members you have. It is measured solely on increments of time. You cannot live on earth outside of an alloted amount of time.

Time is energy. Every waking moment is going to result in you expending energy. And we all know how valuable energy is. You need energy to work, and you need to work to make money and money to make a living. Time takes up energy because stuff is done inside of time. I work at a job with toddlers, so when I work my eight hour shift, my 40 hour week, I leave there with less energy than when I wake up in the morning. When you have time for things, what you really mean is that you have energy to expend on things.

Time is irreversible. We can never get it back! I can never be two years old again. I can never be 20 years old again. I wish I could go back to a few of my ages and do, undo, and redo some things, but I never can. If I could do, undo, and redo, my life would likely be better now. And that’s how I know that time is valuable, because if I could turn back the hands of time, my life COULD be better. But time is irreversible, therefore so valuable.

And last but not least, time is LOVE. That is because love WAITS. And waiting has everything to do with giving something more time. The bible even says in I Corinthians 13 that love is patient and longsuffering. You can’t be patient unless you have a lot of time. You can’t be considered loooongsuffering, without time. In romantic relationships, TRUE love waits. If you tell a young man that you want to wait until marriage to have sex, a man who truly loves you will wait until the honeymoon to ask you for sex. Even if you are not a virgin, the man who truly loves you will not say, “Why wait? It’s not like you’re a virgin anyway! Let’s have sex now! I’m not waiting all those months or years to have sex with you!” A man who loves you will wait.

And even into after the marriage, a man who loves you will give you all the rest of the years of his life. In other words, his love will keep him in the marriage until death do you part. Time reveals love over decades. If you only give your newlywed wife one year of marriage until you divorce her because she “got on your last nerve”, that is not true love. Because true love takes TIME. TIME TIME TIME. What better way of showing your love for a spouse than to give them the REST of the years of your life. Man, time really is love!

Lastly, and certainly not the least, consider how God loves us. His love is shown in how much time He gives us to accept Christ and to repent of sins. If He did not love us, He would let us sin one time and then immediately (without any grace period) send us into hell. Even if He does send someone to hell, the fact that He would wait 50 years to do it would be considered loving. Postponing eternal damnation would be a very gracious act if you ask me. And some people have heard the gospel time and time again. And they’ll go on years rejecting Christ’s gift. And God will give them years to reject Christ. And perhaps even one day before their death, He’ll let them live long enough to repent. That’s love. Love waits. Love takes time.

If you love something, want something, or need something, THROW MORE TIME AT IT!


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