How You Live This Lifetime Determines What You Get In the Next

Your reward in the afterlife is a DIRECT result of your choices here on earth

What is the purpose of life on earth? Eternal life and eternity in damnation are both so lengthy, so why do we even have to spend even ~70 years in this lifetime? Why aren’t we just born into eternity?

I believe I received the answer to this question a few weeks ago. And it made so much sense. Think of it this way: What do you get upon graduation? You get a diploma. That diploma signifies that you passed the previous stage and are now qualified to go on and conquer the next stage. For example, the purpose of kindergarten is not just to master kindergarten tasks. No! No! If anything, the SOLE purpose of kindergarten is to teach you certain steps to prepare you for the first grade. No loving parent in his or her right mind wants their 5 year old child to age to 6, 7, 8, and beyond with just a kindergarten level knowledge and skill. No. EVERY loving parent in his or her right mind wants their child to get skills and knowledge from kindergarten to prepare him or her for first grade, second grade, third grade, and beyond. And so it is with regards to this lifetime and to go on to the next.

Many atheists, agnostics, and deists ask themselves the question, “Why are we here?” My question as a believer is, “Why are we here for such a relatively short time in comparison to eternity?” I mean, why in the world does God want us here for less than 115 years each, and then send us off into an eternity in the kingdom of God or in hell and later the lake of fire?

And then it all clicked in my brain. THIS IS ONLY A TEST! Life on earth is only a test! Kindergarten is to test whether or not a young child is ready for 1st grade. Middle/junior high school is only to test whether or not a young teen is ready for high school. High school is used to test whether or not a child is adequately prepared for college classes. It all makes such perfect sense! There’s a good reason kindergarten and 6th grade and 9th grade and freshmen year of college are only about 180 days each. It’s because the intention is not for you to be stuck at a lower level forever. The intention is simply to prepare you for the next stage.

And that is what God is trying to do with us. Life on earth is only a test. It is a test to see what you qualify for in the afterlife. Now I know some people are already thinking, “Mistye. Are you trying to say that we spend this lifetime trying to EARN heaven/kingdom of God/eternal life/new earth/new Jerusalem? No, Mistye! That’s wrong! Jesus paid the price!” Well that is not what I am saying. What I am saying is that part of your purpose of living in this lifetime – notice how I said part and not all – is to see what you qualify for. And it is also to see what reward you deserve. Yes. Christians get rewarded according to their works in this lifetime. Luke 16 talks about how if you cannot be trusted with someone else’s treasures on earth, who will trust you with the eternal riches. So that shows me that life on earth is a trust. You are a steward here doing a stewardship. God is giving us stewardships of HIS possessions on earth. And depending on how we handle GOD’S possessions, we will see what we get in eternal life. And also in Matthew 25 we see how Jesus talks about the 3 servants. One servant was given 5 talents, another was given 2, and the third was given 1 talent. And when the master came back, he expected them to have made a profit off of the talents. So when he returned from a long trip, he rewarded the two servants who had DOUBLED their talents, and he punished the one servant who had not gained a red cent off of his talent. God expects us to make a return from what He gives us as well. You will be rewarded or punished based on what you do in this lifetime.

I also feel as if God wants us to learn skills in this lifetime that will prepare us for life in eternal life. For example, if you won’t obey God and His Word in THIS lifetime, why would you obey Him in the next? If you won’t do your homework in freshmen year of college, why would the professors trust you to do your homework in the next? I feel as if God is preparing Christians in this lifetime to become more and more like Jesus. We are to submit more and more of our will to God’s will until we are 100% obedient to Him. If you don’t do a WORD the Holy Spirit tells you to do NOW, why in the world would you do it in heaven? If you cannot be trusted with little, you cannot be trusted with much. If you cannot be trusted with temporary earth obedience, why would God trust you with permanent kingdom of God obedience?

So that is what I feel is ONE of the purposes of such a short time on earth. Some people die before they are even born and some people live to be beyond age 110. I don’t know how all God’s “grading system” works, but I do know that my time on earth is not in vain. I’m not born just to die and turn into worm food. I am going on into eternity to be rewarded accordingly. So are you. Make sure you spend your time on earth wisely. When you are in school, the purpose is to study and to be taught and to learn and to pass assignments. The rest is icing on the cake. So stay focused, Christians! God is taking notes! Your heavenly rewards are dependent upon it!


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