We’re Born with Three Basic Needs But Feel We Need More?

The bible asks, what does it profit a man to gain the WHOLE world, but still lose his soul”



The bible asks, “What does it profit a man to gain the WHOLE world, but still lose his soul.”



Human babies are so simple. They are born with only two fears – loud noises and falling.


And they are born with only three needs – affection, nourishment, and warmth.


So why are human adults so scary and needy if these five things are either avoidable or attainable?

I heard a man on television say that we only have a few needs in life. Even clothes and shelter are not a necessity as long as you’re in a dry and warm climate. But how come, “Daddy NEEDS a New Pair of Shoes”?


It is because we start these new desires that we “have” to keep feeding. For example, people in Africa who have never tasted MickeyD’s don’t feel or have a need for Big Macs. Why don’t they feel they NEED McDonald’s when many American humans claim that they “need” them? The answer is because they never fed a desire for it.


I asked my dad (who’s a preacher) if I could drink wine because I was bored and stuff. Of course, he disagreed. He said, “Every alcoholic started with a drink.” And that is so true! Every alcoholic/wino/drunk(ard) started with one cup, one glass, one bottle, one shot, and one sip even! Every crack addict started with one puff, one snort, or one shot. Every prostitute and every promiscuous person started with losing their virginity (and unfortunately some against their will). But the point is that we still only have those three needs when we get older.


Well, maybe we get two more. When you become an adolescent, you start to have sexual urges. And also with age, you have a desire to know God. (That’s when you start asking yourself, “Why am I here?” Some might disagree with me on these last two of the five desires, but we can agree on this, you were not born with desires or predestined to eventually have desires later life for Prada bags and Gucci shoes. But we often hear of celebrities who are shopaholics who splurge almost daily on a bunch of stuff they don’t need, and yet regardless of how many they buy, it’s still NEVER enough. One thousand pairs of shoes and 100 pairs of blue jeans is not enough even though in some countries, two change of clothes and one pair of shoes is a luxury. It’s because many Americans open up that desire when they first entertain the thought. Every shopaholic started with one purchase of an unnecessary item. And the sucky thing is that as soon as you open up a desire for a thing, you will have to keep up with the Joneses by purchasing the newer version every year it comes out. But for those of us who don’t try to keep up with the Joneses, we won’t care when the newer version comes out and so neither will we have to save up to buy one because I have never opened up that desire for them.


Another example is that my mom gave me her Dooney & Bourke purse some Christmases ago. I had never had a name brand purse like Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Louis Vuitton, etc.; but once she gave me hers, as soon as I saw everyone else around me with newer Dooney & Bourke purses, I felt embarrassed to have a year old purse regardless of it costing $275. It was now demode! I now find myself walking around the nice purse section in department stores coveting these newer bags and envying those who had them. I didn’t care about these things before my mom gave me her purse, but after that desire was opened up I did. I wish I had never started that desire.


With regards to nutrition, human adults only need vegetables, fruits, water, simple carbohydrates, and protein, so why do we crave synthetic sugars in high-fructose, corn-syruped sodas, Debbie cakes, and other unnecessary foods? Babies don’t crave these junk foods because they haven’t been exposed to that, therefore, they don’t desire it. All they want is baby formula like Enfamil or Similac and breast milk. They don’t even need water! They’ll never crave what they never taste.


So who do you think is happiest? The people who have and continue to buy nice material things like fine cars, big houses, and fancy jewelry? Or the person who is 100% content with their plain things? The Amish seem content, but the Joneses do not.


People who get plastic surgery are rarely satisfied with just one nip and one tuck. They tend to go back for maintenance and more work. Michael Jackson probably thought the first rhinoplasty would make him happy. Innumerable nose jobs later, and he seemed twice as miserable and half as attractive. Women who keep getting plastic surgery done should probably just get mental work. Babies don’t say to themselves, “Look at these juicy, thunder thighs! I need liposuction.” They don’t think, “I’m bald. I need hair plugs or a wig,” or “I’m a flat-chested baby girl. I need breast implants!” They are satisfied with just three needs being met, but adults have those needs met and then 20 more “needs” met and still aren’t happy.


I thought I needed a cell phone. To this day, I dread leaving the house without it. I will turn back around (and most people I know will too) to retrieve my beloved if I leave it. I love my celly, and I love my computer, but I don’t at all need them. I really want them in my life, but I don’t need them. I don’t even need a car because there’s a bus to ride. And then there’s my feet if the bus fare is too much. As long as I have just those three needs met, I should be fine. Now of course, adults want to wear clothes, but it’s not needed. And sometimes we want these things so that people will accept us. It’s people’s fault! Or our fault for wanting to please them or to have them to accept us.


Feral children, children who have been raised by animals, are found running around buck-naked crawling on the hands and feet, and their hair is unkempt. But they are satisfied as long as they are dry, warm, fed, and have companionship with the animals that raise them. They don’t want clothes. They don’t want soda. They don’t want Big Macs. They just want those three needs met. I suppose affection can substitute for companionship in this case.


Adam and Eve had nourishment, affection/love/companionship, and were kept dry and warm in the Garden of Eden. Every need was met! But then the devil had them to doubt the validity of that. He made them second guess the fact and the truth that they already had everything they needed. They were fine just as they were until the crafty serpent/devil tricked them into believing the lie that those three needs being met are simply not enough regardless of what the All-Wise God has said. We need knowledge of good and evil. We need this here fruit instead of all the other fruit in the garden that we have access to.” So they proceeded to eat the fruit and then they ended up with more needs. With this is historical, bible story in mind, maybe humans don’t even need meet. (There’s an argument for vegetarians!) After being discontent with having their three needs met, they now began to need clothes to hide their nakedness. They were fine being naked at first (just as babies are) when they didn’t know otherwise, but discontent made them “need” more. They soon were kicked out of the Garden of Eden and had to pretty much fend for themselves. Now, wives have a desire for unnecessary clothes, unnecessary food, pain relief (epidural), and her husband (Genesis 3:16 – thy desire shall be to thy husband). Sound familiar, women?


But let’s reflect. Did starting this new desire or feeding this new desire make Adam and Eve happier? Actually, it made them less happy. Beginning and feeding new desires don’t make you happier. It just results in you wanting more and more. Getting one diamond ring doesn’t make you glad that you have at least one for very long; it opens the door to wanting more diamonds! Getting one plastic surgery to get your nose thinner doesn’t make you happy for long; it just reminds you that you have more things you want fixed up. Purging on one meal doesn’t make you content. It opens the door to more purging and other unhealthy dieting practices. Cutting yourself once does not relieve all the pain. It just opens the door to more cutting. You’ll never be satisfied until it’s too late. You probably won’t die from cutting (if you don’t cut too deep and if you don’t get gangrene), but anorexics usually do die from anorexia, drug addicts do overdose, and alcoholics do get liver damage. Smokers can die or cause others to suffer or die from second-hand smoke. Rapists usually continue their practice. Serial child molesters have ON AVERAGE 500 children they have molested. Embezzlers usually keep stealing money. Cheaters usually cheat more than once, and once some murderers get a taste of the power that comes from ending someone’s life, it opens a desire that is hard to quench. Virgins don’t know what they’re missing, and it’s best they don’t know until they get married because once they find out, it’ll be hard for them to stop.


Basically what I am saying is that you ought not to open up desires that you know you will never be able to quench. And if you have already opened up an unnecessary desire, you need to pray to God to close that door! In college, I opened up totally, unnecessary desire doors to sex, weed, alcohol, partying, and compulsive spending/shopping that I wish I hadn’t. I didn’t need any of these things, but others and the devil led me to thinking that I did. I don’t have regrets about them because I don’t like living shoulda, woulda, coulda-style, but I still recognize that these desires were things I didn’t need. I thank God that He has helped me cut all five of these unnecessary desires out of my life.

However, one of those desires will be welcomed with open arms on my wedding night….


The bible is right: “Godliness with contentment is GREAT gain.”




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