Distractions: Detours from Your Destiny

Are any of these distractions more important than the task at hand?

When we think of the word “distracted”, we think of someone who had plans who lets a slightly more temporarily interesting thing cause him to pause from getting directly to that plan. A distraction is not necessarily planning to intentionally detour you from your plans. It’s not necessarily scheming and plotting to prevent or slow you down from your endeavors. But nonetheless, it gets the job done. Also, a distraction is not inherently evil. It’s just what it is. Just think of a balloon. Let’s say you are at the mall to buy a tube of lipstick, but on your way to the department store, your young son spots a balloon salesman. Of course, he’s going to want to stop whatever you two are doing to make a detour to the balloon stand to purchase a balloon. I doubt the salesman was planning to slow you down from getting your lipstick at precisely 1:30 pm; he was only doing his job to make some money.

As an adult, you are responsible for knowing your purpose/plan/destination/goal/destiny. When you wake up on a Sunday morning, you ought to know what your plans are for the day. Let’s say your plan is to go to church, clean your bathroom, buy groceries, go to your son’s baseball game, and get a manicure. So what sense does it make if you were to step out on your porch and let a man on the sidewalk convince you to walk with him to the park to go swimming for 10 hours? What sense would it make?! None. That man would be a random distraction that has absolutely NOTHING to do with your purpose/plan/destination/goal/destiny. You would be wise to briefly tell him no thank you and to keep on your way.

My pastor explained it to us this way: Let’s say you’re driving on the interstate out of town. And you’re coasting headed RIGHT to your destination. But then you notice a fly. And this fly will not shoo! And it keeps getting in your line of view. And it keeps landing on your nose. And it keeps buzzing in your ears. And it keeps landing on your hands. So annoying. And so you forget your purpose for driving in the first place. And you begin to swat and swear at this fly. And your car gently swerves into the lane going to into a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler going 70 mph. You are dead. You let a distraction prevent you utterly from getting to your purpose.

Satan wants to distract you. He knows you all have a purpose to fulfill for God. And he makes it his business to detour you from it. He knows one of your purposes is to live holy for God. And so he sends unholy distractions to prevent you from doing that as you should. For example, let’s say you are a virgin woman who has intentions of saving herself for her husband on their honeymoon. And that should be every Christian woman’s intention. But then when you turn 16 years old, Satan sends some distractions. Fine young handsome men who are offering you sexual acts. You totally forget your plan to be a virgin at your wedding and give your pure body to some random cutie with muscles who neglects to call you the next day. Distractions.

Let’s say you aren’t a virgin, but you got saved recently and decide to stop dating the usual unbelieving men you date and decide to wait and save the REST of “it” for a nice Christian man. So you’ve been celibate for five years when you run into a handsome, charming man. You know he is a distraction because he is not a Christian and your plan is to marry another believer. So you know that if you date him, you are basically taking a detour to date this unbelieving guy. He is not the destination, but you settle for him because you don’t feel like waiting another potentially five years to have sex. So you marry the unbeliever. Now you are forever detoured and distracted from your purpose. Why live life IN the detour? Why not keep going to your destination? It was a good idea wasn’t it, so why change your mind now? Aren’t you worthy of meeting your goals?

We must be as focused in a Christian walk as a soldier is in combat. As a runner is in a race. As a player is in a basketball game. As a politician is in a debate. You must know that the purpose of being a soldier is to win a war. The purpose of being a track star is to get to the finish line first. The purpose of a sports player is to win the game. The purpose of a politician in a debate is to win the debate. Now imagine any of these persons breaking out their cellphones to text or check their Facebook accounts. Why let a distraction make you lose sight of the goal?

Sadly some people will lose all of their destiny over a distraction. Some people will never arrive at their destination all because they choose to live the rest of their life in the detour. Satan would love it if we were to do this. I was told that God said He would use me to lead thousands to Christ and that He was preparing me for my husband. So that is my life purpose and what God desires for my life. Before I die, I want to have accomplished those things. But let’s say that a year after I receive the prophecy, I decide to become a meth addict lesbian who murders a man and gets life in prison where I shortly thereafter commit suicide. I would have chosen to take a permanent detour that not only affects me, but potentially hundreds or thousands of others. That’s somewhat like a drunk driver who lets alcohol, texting, and speeding cause them to speed 90 mph into the car of a mother and her 4 children. They all die because a man got distracted. Your distractions don’t just affect you. They put others lives and souls at risk.

Do your job. Focus on your goal. Finish the plan. Arrive at your destination. Stay on the journey. Complete the task. Fulfill your purpose! Don’t spend even one minute in the detour. Your life is worth more than the temporary pleasure of your distraction!


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