Actually, You ARE To Blame for Your Poor Choices

Stop shifting the blame and watch things change in your life!

“I couldn’t help it!”

“The sex was too good to resist!”

“The drug got me such a good high; I had to do it again!”

“I can’t help but to smoke. I’m addicted!”

“She pissed me off, so I had to hit her!”I feel for you people who have no self-control. It’s everyone’s fault but yours that you do the things that you do. It’s your mom’s fault for not being there. It’s the economy’s fault that you don’t have enough money. It’s your boyfriend’s fault for making you jealous. It is not your fault. I REPEAT it is not your fault!

For you alcoholics, drug heads, and smokers, it is not your fault that you chose to drink alcohol, do drugs, or smoke cigarettes. Somebody forced that beer down your throat, someone made your lungs to inhale that marijuana, and some person put a gun to your head and made you take a drag of that cigarette. It is not your fault.

For you child molesters and murderers. I dare not blame you for that child flirting with you. That boy was irresistible. That little five year old girl came on to you. As for you murderers, your wife made you kill her when you caught her cheating. Your enemy made your finger to pull that trigger. That’s what they get. It’s their fault. It’s not yours.

But the world doesn’t get you. They don’t understand you. Fortunately, I know a place where murderers, thieves, perverts, and drug heads are understood. Yea, there’s a place for you misunderstood people who are not to blame for your crimes and sins. There are a few places actually full of people who are not to blame. These three places are jail, the grave, and hell.

If you can’t tell, I’m totally against people who blame others for their failures, mistakes, sins, and crimes. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHOICES. I work with children who are products of terrible parents. Parents who prostituted them, abandoned them, molested and raped them, and abused them. There parents are for crap, and we can all agree on that. But this next statement is also true. The responsibility lies on the children to resolve these issues. You can’t rely on a crackhead prostitute of a mother to make it up to you. You can’t rely on an imprisoned pedophilic father to make it up to you. So you have to do it by yourself. But be of good cheer because if you get saved, God and Jesus will help you tremendously.

I used to one of those people who blamed everyone for my laziness. It was my mom’s fault for spoiling me. It was my big sister’s fault for always taking care of my responsibility. It was my family’s fault that I was a middle child. It was my parent’s fault for not making me more independent. It was never ever my fault. If I did poorly on a test, it was the professor’s fault for making the test so hard or for not being a better teacher. Never mind that other students scored perfectly on his exams or got As on all assignments. It was still impossible for me to be successful in some classes. The incompetent teacher was to blame. Not my poor studying habits, but the teacher.

Many abusers blame their abusive family for influencing them to be abusers or to be abused. “My dad always beat me, so naturally I went for an abuser. I can’t help it but to stay with him.”

“I was sexually molested by my uncle, so I sexually molested my nephew. It’s a generational curse.”

“My dad beat me senselessly, so I beat my kids much the same way. You can’t blame me for something I was raised on for 17 years.”

If this is the case, every single individual who came from an abusive family should be raping and beating the mess out of their children. But this is not so. This is not so because some people choose not to. Wow, lookie! A choice! You mean you can choose not to follow in the footsteps of your parents?!

Yea. You can. You can choose not to drink. You can choose not to smoke. You can choose not to do drugs. Now in some circumstances (severe mental disturbances like schizophrenia & psychosis and demonic possession), it is near impossible to overcome some things. But with God it is possible. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. There are prescription drugs for schizophrenics. There is exorcism for the possessed. There is the deliverance and healing of God for both! If you refuse to take medications, then I don’t feel sorry for you. A friend of mine has a schizophrenic cousin who doesn’t take his meds sometimes because he says it makes him unemotional and dull. Who would choose seeing monsters over being dull – a schizophrenic perhaps? But either way, if he commits murder which he has contemplated many times, we can’t say, “He has schizophrenia and couldn’t control himself.” He knows meds take away his murderous compulsions, and he CHOSE not to take that route because he didn’t want to seem boring. Should we just let him run around the earth killing people? No. Like I said earlier, there is a place or three for people who can’t control themselves. Jail, hell, or the grave.

I know you can control yourselves. Here’s how I know. If you’re a pedophilic priest having sex with the altar boy, I bet your life you’d stop if that boy’s mother walked in that room. Look! You can help it after all!

If you’re a heroin addict, I bet your life you put the needle, spoon, and belt away when you hear a knock and “Open up! Police!” Wow! You can help it!

If you’re a murderer, I bet you don’t do it in a police station. If you’re a thief, I bet you don’t steal in front of the store owner. Some people would because they’re crazy. But there’s a place for those people remember?

I’m sure 100% of my readers can help it.

Many smokers have quit cold turkey. Those who say they can’t can get patches and gums. Yes, there is nicotine that causes people to become addicted, but if some can quit, then all should be able too as well. I used to drink a lot in college, but I haven’t drunk alcohol in a year and almost 10 months. Many promiscuous people have taken vows of celibacy. Don’t lie to yourself and say you can’t do it too. It is a lie from hell because you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
Don’t get me wrong, I know that there is such thing as spiritual bondage. Some homosexuals are so bond to this lifestyle. But it first started because they CHOSE THIS LIFESTYLE. Some men were raped. Many were not. Most lesbians are not forced to have oral sex with another female. They choose to. Then after the INITIAL CHOICE sometimes comes the BONDAGE.

People who overeat and who eat unheathily ESPECIALLY can’t blame anyone else. You choose to order the greasy, artery-clogging steaks. You choose to pig out on the Ben & Jerry’s. No one makes you! If you say so, you are a liar. But if you’re one of the ones who “can’t help it”, there are some consequences for you. There’s sugar diabetes, there’s heart disease, atherosclerosis, and death. It sucks that you can’t help it, but you will suffer the consequences, so you better ask for help or work it out somehow by yourself. I really do hate to sound heartless because I know it’s hard to quit on things that feel good to you, but it’s just not true to tell yourself such lies as, “I can’t stop. I can’t quit.” The devil is lying to you and you are repeating these lies because the truth (meaning it came from the Bible) says, “YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HIM WHO BELIEVES. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. As long as this is the truth — and it irrevocably is — then all else is a hot lie from hell.

Just realize that in most cases, no one makes you do anything. You choose to do it. Even if a deranged man puts a gun to my head and screams at me to denounce God or else my brains will be blown out, I can still say, “I refuse to denounce my God.” I can choose to say words that cause me to die. Many Christians have done this overseas, and if they didn’t say, “I had denounce to God, the man made me do it,” then neither can you. And if you say you have no choice in the matter, there are some places for people like you.


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